After a few weeks of living in front of our computers, we're proud to announce that the new Bridgecity Studio theme is done! We've performed a great deal of Quality Assurance on the site in-house, but we'd like to ask anyone reading this post to take a few seconds and give us your thoughts (below, in the comments). We're always open to suggestions, and if we see something valid/awesome, we'll make sure we address it post-haste.

There's a lot of new substance that wasn't previously available. Pretty much everything is new, or massively reworked, including our logo. Here's a quick breakdown of what to expect:


Pretty standard. Sub-headline contains a quick summary of our services and our most recent project. We wanted the design to jump out at the user. Did we succeed?


A breakdown of our services, as well as a nice little slider detailing the process we follow for our full-service clients.


We spent a while on the whiteboard with the Portfolio. We're proud of it, and we feel that it's unique. The idea is that the page will continue to grow as new items get added to it. Nary a Pager in sight! Our Featured projects are always fully opaque (e.g. visible), while our normal ones look a little fogged-over until you mouse-over. It's clean and organized, and we hope that the feel will be that of a mural as it continues to grow.

The Portfolio pages (granular) are relatively straight-forward. We've included the Nivo Slider which is a nice upgrade from our old site. Additional information on this page: Overview, Client Name, and Client Link.


This will be the main repository for all news, Case studies, and/or white papers we choose to publish.


This will be the main repository for any Drupal Tutorials we publish. We plan to spend a lot of time writing and contributing back to the Drupal community. We added Tags and Difficulty to allow for more specific targeting of topics. If you have an idea for a Tutorial, hit us in the comments.


Our archive is designed to let you see a lot of posts in relatively rapid succession. Everything is in situated in tables, and we decided to exclude teasers to give more of a structured feel. Archives are available month-to-month, or all at once.


We spent a while trying to design a Contact page to be proud of. We're well familiar with the Vertical-Form-Field-of-Death syndrome (almost no styling on forms, and all fields just align vertically for what seems like infinity), and we wanted to keep away from it. We're pretty happy with it, but we're always open to feedback!


We're excited about the steps we've just taken with the site and theme, and we look forward to taking many more like them in the near future. Stay tuned for regular improvements, posts, and other news. Take a moment to follow us on Twitter, if you haven't already, or subscribe to our Site Feed.